Hair wrap extension # 1600


Hair wrap extension # 1600

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Hair Wrap extension

Width: 5 mm

All our hair wraps are handmade very carefully and with love. Each one is unique! We like to add  wooden beads.  Colors are rich and vibrant. We guarantee high quality hair wraps for all types hair. Wash your hair like normal just be careful when you brush. These  extensions  can be easily installed and last about 1 to 3 months.

12 different colors extension rings are included in packaging. Suitable for all hair types.  Extension look and feel completely natural. Silicone lining inside the ring prevent the hair from getting damaged.  A lot of nano rings will help you refit the same hair wrap  many times.

Our products are in lovely and expressive packaging. Please don`t throw it away. You can use this original packaging to keep accessories until you don`t wear it.

Package include: 1 hair wrap and 12 classic hair extension rings

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Great work and experience in beauty industry inspired to introduce an easy and quick way, how to attach hair accessories at home by your own, and change them at any time you want. Suitable for 3-year-old children with parent supervision (contain small pieces). Made in France.

Hair wrap extension # 1600


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